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Primal Graze™ Vitality - Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver Capsules

Primal Graze™ Vitality - Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver Capsules

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Our organic grass-fed beef liver capsules are made from high-quality, organic and grass-fed Australian beef liver. These capsules are a great source of iron, vitamin A,  vitamin Bs and other essential nutrients. Boost your overall health and support your body's natural functions with our nutrient-rich beef liver capsules. Each bottle contains 120 capsules (500mg per capsule)

  • Vitamin A, D3 + K2 for healthy skin + bones
  • B12, B6 + iron for better energy
  • Copper + selenium for thyroid and hormone health
  • Plus natural enzymes & co-factors
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Extremely nutritious: Contains B12, Vitamin A, heme iron, folate and more!

Why Take Primal Graze™ Vitality - Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver Capsules?

The best source of nutrition is real organic food, and Beef Liver is the most treasured organ there is. It is very high in Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin B9 (Folate), Vitamin B12, and heme-iron, all of which makes our Liver Capsules a great daily supplement for to fight tiredness and fatigue, and boost energy levels.


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100% Australian Sourced Grass-fed & Finished Bovine

Nutrient-dense and sustainably sourced for optimal health and nutrition.

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Our freeze-dried Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver capsules maintain the integrity of essential nutrients, including:

  • Animal fat
  • Vitamin A (retinol), B2, C, E, B12, B6, and folate and more.
  • Source of Vitamin D3
  • Rich in Omega 3
  • Contains complete amino acids

Nutritional Information

Vitamin & Mineral Per 100g Per Serving (2g)
Vitamin A (Retinol) 11450 mcg 227.5 mcg
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) 3275 mcg 65.5 mcg
Vitamin B3 41800 mcg 836 mcg
Vitamin B12 418 mcg 8.36 mcg
Vitamin B2 3.65 mg 73 mcg
Vitamin B5 10.9 mg 218 mcg
Vitamin B7 (Biotin) 26.5 mcg 0.53 mcg
Vitamin C 33.5 mg 670 mcg
Vitamin D3 <0.1 mcg <0.002 mcg
Copper (Cu) 127 mg 2.54 mg
Iron (Fe) 24.5 mg 490 mcg
Zinc (Zn) 4.9 mg 98 mcg
mg per 100g Amount
Aspartic Acid 5200 mg
Lysine 3600 mg
Serine 2100 mg
Isoleucine 1700 mg
Glutamic Acid 7200 mg
Leucine 4800 mg
Glycine 3700 mg
Phenylalanine 2600 mg
Histidine 1200 mg
Methionine 1200 mg
Arginine 3100 mg
Hydroxyproline 380 mg
Threonine 2400 mg
Taurine 150 mg
Alanine 3300 mg
Valine 2600 mg
Proline 2700 mg
Tyrosine 1900 mg
Per 100g Amount
Carbohydrate 11.4 g
Energy 1855 kJ
443.5 kcal
Fat, saturated 6.84 g
Fat, total 15.1 g
Protein 64.8 g
Sugars 7 g
Sodium 200 mg
Total trans fatty acids 0.758 g


100% Australian Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver, Gelatine capsules, no fillers or binders.

Serving suggestion

Primal Graze™ Vitality - Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver Capsules Capsules: Adults, take 4 capsules daily.

GMO Free / Halal / Kosher

This product complies with the relevant Australian Food Standards and Good Manufacturing Practices

Allergen Information: This product contains no known allergens. The facility in which it is processed may also handle products containing dairy, soy, nuts, wheat, cereals and seafood

Kosher / Halal: Halal certified source

GMO Status: Non-GMO

TSE / BSE Statement: Australian products are BSE & TSE free

Storage Recommendations

To maintain quality, it is recommended to store freeze-dried Primal Graze™ Vitality - Organic Grass-fed Beef Liver Capsules in a cool, dry place, keep the lid sealed when not in use, and use within thirty days once opened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jessica Miller
Huge Difference

I've been taking Sunpure beef liver capsules for 3 weeks now I can feel a huge difference in my energy levels. My skin looks better, and I feel more alert throughout the day. These are a staple now!

Daniel King
More energetic

I’ve been taking these beef liver capsules for a few weeks. While I haven't noticed any drastic changes in my health, I do feel a bit more energetic. They’re convenient, but it’s too soon to tell if they’re making a major difference.

Liam Brown
Love these!

I struggle to get enough iron in my diet, and these capsules have been a great for me. easy to swallow and don't have any bad aftertaste.

Lucas Parker
Some benefits noticed

These capsules had some benefits for me, like better skin and energy.

Michael Taylor
Decent Product

Decent product. I like that it’s a natural source of vitamins and minerals. No bad effects.

George markovich
I’ve used Sunpure’s beef liver capsules…

I’ve used Sunpure’s beef liver capsules with in 30 minutes I’ve felt 50 percent energy increase in the gym also more focused on my exercise routine these beef liver capsules from sunpure is highly recommend.