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I was sceptical at first to try product but glad I did as my aches and pains are not as severe. It tastes like burnt coffee but getting use to the taste and smell isn't appealing. I will continue to use and see how it goes.

Great quality product

So impressed with the packaging, the information given and the quality of the product. Feeling great so far and can definitely notice a difference in how I feel. Would recommend!

Sunpure Shilajit® Sundried Himalayan Shilajit
Divyanshu Gautam (Melbourne, Australia)
Excellent product!

Excellent product. Very good customer service. At the time of ordering I accidentally put my old address for delivery, I emailed them and they corrected the address straight away so no delay! Product itself is quite good. Price is still bit dearer than other products on market but I will continue to buying it from them.

Sunpure Shilajit® Sundried Himalayan Shilajit
CL Fielding-Smith (Brisbane, Australia)
Sunpure Shilajit® Sundried Himalayan Shilajit

Fabulous product, thank you! I would highly recommend to anyone, exceptional quality.

Top product. Will get again

Sunpure Shilajit Drops

I Got A Hand Injury Been In Hospital For Tendon Repair Maybe Grafting They're Surprised That It's Healing Fast I Haven't Told Them I Been Talking Shilagit

Best supplement ever

This whole blood supplement has changed my life. I feel more vibrant and alive. Can't recommend it enough!

Sunpure Shilajit® Sundried Himalayan Shilajit
Lee Hayes (Sydney, Australia)
Best I've Used

Sunpure is the best Shilajit I have used. A lot of junk on the market. My only downside is the price for the size of the jar.

Sunpure Shilajit® Sundried Himalayan Shilajit
Andy Randhawa (Sydney, Australia)

Really good shilajit compared to others in the market. Really energised all day

Sunpure Shilajit® Sundried Himalayan Shilajit
Shanay Lawson (Sydney, Australia)
Shanay lawson

I noticed a difference in my energy levels, mood and digestion a week after using this product. It is amazing! I don’t think I will go back now. I know that I am getting extremely important minerals in to my system now that I would not receive from enough from normal day to day foods.
Great investment !

Huge Difference

I've been taking Sunpure beef liver capsules for 3 weeks now I can feel a huge difference in my energy levels. My skin looks better, and I feel more alert throughout the day. These are a staple now!

More energetic

I’ve been taking these beef liver capsules for a few weeks. While I haven't noticed any drastic changes in my health, I do feel a bit more energetic. They’re convenient, but it’s too soon to tell if they’re making a major difference.

Sunpure Shilajit® Sundried Himalayan Shilajit
Oliver Jones (Melbourne, Australia)
Shilajit outcomes

I think the product is pretty good…
Gives a good energy balance without it being to much.
Stability of emotions and increased mental focus.
I will continue to reorder the item.

Thank you, Oliver

Love these!

I struggle to get enough iron in my diet, and these capsules have been a great for me. easy to swallow and don't have any bad aftertaste.

Great product

Excellent product, have noticed a difference since taking it, i seem to be able to deal with illness much better then most around me.

Hi Tony! Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad to hear you've noticed a difference since taking our product.

Some benefits noticed

These capsules had some benefits for me, like better skin and energy.

Decent Product

Decent product. I like that it’s a natural source of vitamins and minerals. No bad effects.

Great for iron levels

I was looking for a natural way to boost my iron levels, and this product did the trick. My recent blood tests showed significant improvement. Plus, I feel much healthier and more energetic. I avoided an iron infucsion thanks to these

I’ve used Sunpure’s beef liver capsules…

I’ve used Sunpure’s beef liver capsules with in 30 minutes I’ve felt 50 percent energy increase in the gym also more focused on my exercise routine these beef liver capsules from sunpure is highly recommend.

Great natural supplement

Fantastic natural supplement. I've noticed a huge improvement in my overall health.

Convenient but unsure

The capsules are easy to take, and I like the nutrient profile. But I haven't seen a significant change in my energy levels or overall health. I'll keep using them for another month to see if there's any improvement.